Why we started SDNsquare?

Frustration is high when we you have a media job to do and the storage or network is too slow. Or it is just not reliable ... at some moments it is slow, at other moments it works quite well. Or you are in the situation you cannot fully trust the infrastructure you are working with. Or you want to deliver a service without a good feeling that the infrastructure will be able to deliver.

This is what we want to solve.

SDNsquare’s goal is to solve the storage and networking challenges faced by companies, typically in media environments. To make them reliable, predictable and easy to manage.

SDNsquare was launched with the combined expertise of the VRT (Belgium’s main TV broadcaster), iMinds/IMEC (research institute for innovation in ICT) and the University of Ghent. So our experts draw on decades of experience in broadcast and media application workflows.

With this background, we successfully tackled the reliability and performance issues of bulk data such as large files and streams in storage systems and IP networks.

We solved first the storage cluster problem, enabling a media datacenter platform whereby you can manage and guarantee the bandwidth performance per application (or micro-service), per client, per editor, per server etc.

Today the world is moving to fully IP also in live IP, where SDI has disappeared. In the situations the networking complexity and challenges are even higher. We applied our technology principles to the network domain, build our media SDN controller to manage and configure the media network automatically, while enabling guaranteed dataflows or media flows in an IP network.

Our mission is to be the trusted technology partner and to empower customers and solutions providers with demanding best-in-class and predictable performance, easy management and a transparent return on investment on their IP infrastructure.