WARP is a highly linear scaled clustered storage & computing platform to sustain real-time workflows in the most demanding environments.

Its high-performance software-based file-management platform allows you to dramatically increase your workflow productivity by running applications directly on the WARP where needed.

The WARP cluster creates a unified pool of highly efficient storage, with a proven 100% storage utilization rate at a guaranteed and predictable performance. Therefore, less physical storage is required to house the same amount of data - reducing capital and operating costs.


4k, 8k, multiplatform, multiformat, concurrent editing ... Higher resolutions, larger files, more software processes and today’s speed of content creation ask for rock-solid reliable, cost-efficient and scalable STORAGE solutions with guaranteed and predictable performance.  

Software based media organisations. Media organisations are transforming into fully software based organisation that  need more than pure storage. 

Media organisations require a media datacenter or private cloud to cope in a flexible and 'on demand' way with the different media processes. 

Applying traditional solutions in the market leads to 4 key challenges that we tackle:

  • Variable performance on storage level and on application/client level, leading to complex SLA or service level agreements and operational issues. No absolute guarantees or predictability possible. 
  • Over-provisioning of hardware leading to an inefficient usage of resources: space, electricity, cooling, licenses and investments.  
  • Non linear scalable architecture - no insight in future costs and how to cope with future demand. 
  • Shared cost  makes it impossible to calculate the cost per service or user and exploit more flexible business and service model


SDNsquare’s media & IT professionals have solved the challenges that come with the intrinsic behaviour of media essence (long sequential data, bursty).

We provide cost-efficient and long-term scaling solutions for your storage and network. 

SDNsquare has made some unique design choices combined with some :

  • the SDNsquare file system based on IBM GPFS - Spectrum Scale. A easy to use management system avoids the need for a GPFS specialist to manage the platform.
  • the SDNsquare cluster network: based on our patented SDNsquare technology, we build a ethernet based storage cluster network that is 100% efficient. This means every packet from every storage node will pass over the network without loss. 
  • the SDNsquare selection of certified hardware - freedom of choice in selection of hardware vendor/manufacturer. 
  • the SDNsquare management system: the different components are packaged together in a piece of software to configure and manage the storage datacenter in easy way.

This is reflected in our SDNsquare business model, unique in this industry, which is license based on the SDNsquare software and network usage, not on volume or hardware. 



Based on Software Defined Networking, SDN² network technology offers you the opportunity to set up data paths with bandwidth guarantee to overcome the challenges of bursty high impact environments with multiple users.


Independent of the load of the system WARP is outstanding through its specialized and tuned disk arrangement optimized for digital media. In particular this arrangement guarantees predictable performance for each disk allowing the WARP Cluster File System guarantee sustained parallel performance to all users, applications and storage across the whole platform.


WARP is perfectly linear scalable in processing power, storage throughput and storage capacity. WARP allows you to scale up linearly in order to grow instantly to meet your specific business needs. Add more applications anytime.


The patented SDN2 network technology provides the storage cluster with high performance by filling up each data link to 100%. This is possible due to the overall predictability of the system.


SDNsquare prevents premature high investments caused by over-provisioning due to uncertainty. We make your cost of operation predictable and allow you to start new projects with certainty in performance and delivery.


The user-friendly WARP web interface allows to create shares and quotas in a very easy way. You can create different users as well as group of users and manage them according to your needs. Create snapshots and restore them, whenever you need them.


Unlike traditional storage solutions the WARP media data center provides you with measurable & proven features:

  • Guaranteed performance
    • Stable performance at 99% filling factor
    • Throughput up to 1 TByte/s
    • 500% faster workflow execution
    • 0 packet loss
  • Ultimate efficiency
    • Increase storage network efficiency by factor 6-8
    • 100 % bandwidth utilisation - no packet loss, nor head of line blocking
  • Linear scalabilty in cost and performance
    • 3x independent linear scalable: capacity, throughput and computing
  • High performance applications
    • Optimized for large file transfer (time constrained); mission critical processes
    • Controlled high bandwidth to every application nodes or application
    • 4K/8K collaborative editing
    • DPX pre-fetching
  • System features
    • Single global namespace
    • Support for virtualized multi-OS (Linux/Windows) computing
    • File system access via CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP, HTTP and FTP
    • ILM functionality between the storage tiers
    • Configures & utilizes the IBM GPFS file system optimized for enhanced media behavior