Unified Media Production

Meet the deadlines

Media excellence requires high-performance, consolidated network and storage systems in which every application can participate in the workflow. The transition to 100% digital workflows has changed the way productions are shot, edited and delivered. Storage and network technology are key to cope with this challenges. Video files take up a lot of space on disk and need fast networks to support multi-stream playback for many different applications without dropping frames.

The world of media production is driven by deadlines and deliverables. Workflow environments are only as solid as the foundation they’re built upon. Since the editor needs to have access to any video file from any editing workstation, it is necessary to provide a networked file system that meets the requirements essentially for proper production.


The need

  • Guaranteed content access for every application
  • Rock-solid technology even in the most busy hours
  • Flexibility and linear scalability
  • SAN performance with NAS usablity
  • Maximum throughput
  • Guaranteed write/read access

Our solution

guaranteed performance.

WARP is designed specifically for video workflows, proven in many of the world’s most demanding video environments. It is a highly linear scaled clustered storage and computing platform to sustain real-time workflows. Its high-performance software-based file-management platform allows to dramatically increase your workflow productivity by running applications directly on the WARP where needed. The WARP cluster creates a unified pool of highly efficient storage, with a proven 100% storage utilization rate at a guaranteed and predictable performance. Therefore, less physical storage is required to house the same amount of data - reducing capital and operating costs.

Guaranteed content access

WARP makes it possible for applications of the video and audio workflows to work on a centralized storage and always guarantee access to every content. Parallel use of content is no problem anymore due to the computing power of the system.

Centralized storage

WARP drastically improves agility by offering one solution to cope with all challenges of media post production.

High-performance computing power

WARP allows even the most demanding applications, e.g. real-time transcoding to run directly on the high-performance computing platform

Grow when you need it

Cope with the growing demand for recording, formats and content. WARP makes it easy to add nodes and storage capacity whenever you need it.

Guaranteed write/read access

WARP provides guaranteed bandwidth for write and read without touching the overall storage performance.

WARP high performance storage cluster

Rock-solid reliable, efficient and scalable storage solutions with guaranteed performance.


Unlike traditional storage solutions the WARP high performance production platform provides you with measurable & proven features:

  • Stable performance at 99% filling factor
  • Throughput up to 1 TByte/s
  • Increase network efficiency by factor 6-8
  • 100 % bandwidth utilization
  • 3x independent linear scalable: capacity, throughput and computing
  • 0 packet loss


Guaranteed Performance

Independent of the load of the system WARP is outstanding through its specialized and tuned disk arrangement optimized for digital media. In particular this arrangement guarantees predictable performance for each disk allowing the WARP Cluster File System guarantee sustained parallel performance to all users, applications and storage across the whole platform.

Linear scalability

WARP is perfectly linear scalable in processing power, storage throughput and storage capacity. WARP allows you to scale up linearly in order to grow instantly to meet your specific business needs.

Predictability of Performance & Costs

SDNsquare prevents premature high investments caused by over-provisioning due to uncertainty. We make your cost of operation predictable and allow you to start new projects with certainty in performance and delivery.


The patented SDN2 network technology provides the storage cluster with high performance by filling up each data link to 100%. This is possible due to the overall predictability of the system.



The user-friendly WARP web interface allows to create shares and quotas in a very easy way. You can create different users as well as group of users and manage them according to your needs. Create snapshots and restore them, whenever you need them.