SDI over IP

The next challenge

The cost of setting up IP-based networks keeps dropping. This makes them ever more attractive for a wider range of applications, including high-quality video transport. As a result, more and more studios and live production facilities have started using video equipment with IP-based network adaptors. This will likely lead to IP-networks becoming the preferred transport solution for the AV industry around the globe. 

The need

  • Same predictability as SDI solutions

  • Predictability of dynamic growth and change

  • 100% quality of service

  • Faster roll-out of new services, such as HD, 3D, IP, VOD...

  • Scalability with customer growth

  • Easy synchronization of data with dynamic network changes

  • Fast updating of users and employees with dynamic changes

Our solution

guaranteed performance.

GRID, our disruptive network software, connects every source and destination in your network quick and easily. With its reliable and proven SDN2 technology, GRID can handle every data stream in a predictable and easy way. 

Multiple streams

Scales linearly with your needs, ready to handle 10 Gbit/s streams. 

All IP

GRID is designed to connect easily an all IP environment, getting rid of the delays caused by SDI to IP conversion

100% Quality of service

A hallmark of SDN2 technology is 100% quality of service and full reliability. We make sure your content is always save and on time! 

Bandwidth reservation

We guarantee your bandwidth from 1,5 Gbit/s HD-SDI to 10 Gbit/s 4K (4:2:2@12 Bit) over 10 Gbit/s flows. Fill them up linearly without any overprovisioning! 

Integrate it as you go, where you need it

GRID easily integrates with your legacy network; there is no need to upgrade your whole network in one go. You can insert GRID in your postproduction and upgrade from there, step-by-step and where needed.

Whenever there is a need to upgrade your network, GRID allows for modular expansion. Let GRID take care of your new projects, additional workflows or traffic patterns. 

The most reliable network technology

The SDN2 network technology adds a dedicated media-handling layer to software defined networking. It offers data paths without packet loss and end-to-end QoS for guaranteed performance. With intelligent load balancing over all possible paths it avoids traffic jams and overcomes the challenges of bursty environments with multiple users.

SDNsquare’s GRID empowers you with the required predictability in your media workflow to ensure your project always delivers in time.