MECaNO Project - SDNsquare GRID applied for WAN media services, 10 December 2015

During an IP Media industry event of Medianet Vlaanderen SDNsquare demonstrated with its partners Videohouse, Alcatel Lucent, VRT and Limecraft the Mecano project. 

Mecano enables efficient, decentralized media (post) production by developing the world's first WAN network that guarantees 100% Quality of Service and in-time delivery of IP-media content.

A 100 second video has been created to summarize the concept and outcomes of the project. Click here for the video. A white paper and more info about the project can be found here

IBC 2015 - SDNsquare announces HP alliance partnership and OEM license program, September 2015

IBC 2015 marks for SDNsquare the launch of its technology partnership with HP and its technology licensing program for the media industry. 

SDNsquare presents the latest 2015 technology update of its Software Defined Networking solution: GRID, and its storage and media datacenter solution: WARP.

A demonstration at our booth shows how SDNsquare transforms a normal best effort IP network into a converged media network with guaranteed and protected media workflows, while reducing costs. SDNsquare demonstrates Sony SDI/IP live video, Adobe editing and aggressive file transfer over the same network.

VRT SANDBOX - Converged media network for LAN and datacenter - April-May, 2015

VRT and SDNSquare have setup a converged media IP network. This unified network combines three different kinds of media IP workflows, each with their own specific requirements in terms of latency, packet loss, etc.. 
We combined these three workflows to be executed simultaneous on a converged media IP network. The combination demonstrated a reliable and efficient network for these different kinds of competing workflows over the same network: SDI over IP, (non-linear) Editing, High speed file Transfer.

Click here for more info and a video on the Sandbox website of VRT

Sony Professional - Press Release - NAB 2015, Las Vegas, April 12, 2015

Sony Works with 30 industry leading companies to promote IP Live Production System

Sony’s IP Live Production System is now supported by 30 industry-leading companies. The new AV over IP interface delivers low latency and noise-free switching of HD and 4K video, audio, and metadata, as part of an IP-based network. 

SDNsquare has demonstrated with Sony the interoperability of their solutions.

TVBEurope - March 11, 2014: SDI vs IP: the fight is on, Holly Ashford


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TV technology - January 13, 2014: SMPTE Looks at All-IT Media Facilities, Al Kovalick

Al Kovalick, an industry expert on Media storage and IP issues chaired a SMPTE conference session.  In his review article, he is referring to the presentation of Luc Andries, CTO of SDNsquare.

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On the ninth paper, Luc Andries from SDNsquare described architecture for deterministic file and stream IP transport based on IEEE standards coupled with SDN methods. Luc showed simulations of fully loaded media networks working at near capacity with no packet loss. There was much to appreciate about this talk.
— Al Kovalick, IP Media Industry Expert

IBC News - September 16, 2013: believing in IP, Holly Ashford

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Alcatel Lucent Press Release, 27 November 2012

Alcatel-Lucent unveils strategy for software-defined networks in the enterprise space. SDNsquare first vendor to implement company's approach to SDN in the enterprise space. 

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