High-end Post Production

SDNsquare's solution - optimized for film content

The introduction of better hardware, new cameras, more powerful NLEs, and new plugins present a double-edged sword.

These tools carry the promise of convenience, the possibility to film better stories and do it faster than ever before. However, they also cause the production houses to run in a continuous limbo, with investment tied in yesterday’s platforms that can no longer cope with the growth of content and the need for bandwidth.

Therefore, to support all the functions of a full digital intermediate (DI) process, the networks and storage platforms of a facility should be built on top of an advanced high-bandwidth backbone infrastructure with a guaranteed performance.

As a solution, we offer SDNsquare’s WARP, a platform ready for surefire, scalable computation and storage. A platform that has been designed explicitly for the AV industry. 


The need

  • Transport and edit SD, HD, 2K and 4K material in real time
  • Handle the core tasks in your DI mastering workflows on one platform
  • Realize a large variety of DI steps
  • Stable content access and full reliability
  • Process uncompressed data, such as DPX, OpenEXR, TIFF 8/10/12 or 16 bit in real time
  • Excellent interoperability with third-party applications
  • Guaranteed read/write access

Our solution

guaranteed performance.

WARP has been designed specifically for high-end postproduction workflows and has been proven in some of the world’s most demanding video environments.

It is a linearly scalable, clustered storage and computing platform to sustain real-time workflows. Its high-performance software-based file-management platform allows you to dramatically increase your workflow productivity by running applications directly on the WARP cluster.

The WARP cluster creates a unified pool of highly efficient storage, with a proven 100% storage utilization rate at a guaranteed and predictable performance. As a result, you’ll need less physical storage to hold the same amount of data - reducing capital and operating costs.

Full speed access through DPX prefetching

WARP will expertly store DPX files in the cache of specific client nodes. Therefore, data will not have to be retrieved from the disk every time a file is asked. WARP is designed for high-speed file access, giving more efficiency and performance.

For all clients

With WARP, Mac and Linux clients can access data in a 10GBit network. This enables them to work with media qualities of 4K or higher. 

Real time DPX performance

WARP gives you real time DPX performance for all your applications.

Stable platform

WARP offers a stable environment to move around huge amounts of stored content in real time, even working with 4K UHDTV. This crucial capacity has been proven in various demanding installations across Europe.

High-performance computing power

WARP’s high-performance computing platform can run even the most demanding applications such as e.g. VFX.

No cost surprises

WARP scales up linearly and efficiently, without cost surprise down the line. It is a key platform for any organization relying on media content. 

Less maintenance

WARP makes disc de-fragmentation obsolete by organizing its data efficiently across the disc array. The result is less maintenance and more time to focus on what really counts: your work and content.

WARP high performance storage cluster

Rock-solid reliable, efficient and scalable storage solutions with guaranteed performance.


The WARP high-performance production platform is unique in its measurable and proven features:

  • Stable performance at 99% filling factor
  • Throughput up to 1 TByte/s
  • Increased network efficiency by a factor 6 to 8
  • 100% bandwidth utilization
  • 3x independent linear scalable: capacity, throughput and computing
  • 0 packet loss

Guaranteed Performance

WARP guarantees a sustained performance for all parallel users, applications and storage across the whole platform, independent of the load of the system. This is possible through its specialized and tuned disk arrangement optimized for digital media, with a guaranteed and predictable performance for each disk.

Linear scalability

WARP scales linearly for processing power, storage throughput and storage capacity. His way, WARP can address your specific needs instantly.

Predictability of Performance & Costs

SDNsquare takes away uncertainty. Therefore, you don’t have to overprovision and overinvest in network equipment. We make the cost of your operation predictable and allow you to start new projects with a clear picture of the performance and delivery.


The patented SDNsquare network technology makes the overall system totally predictable. As a result, the storage cluster may fill up each data link to 100%.



WARP’s user-friendly web interface allows:

  • Creating shares and quotas in an easy way.
  • Creating users and groups of users and manage them according to your needs.
  • Creating snapshots and restore them, whenever you need them.