April 6-11, 2019 | Las Vegas

April 6-11, 2019 | Las Vegas

Meet us at NAB 2019 on the Arista Booth N3008

We'll be showcasing GRID, our leading SDN-controller with a brand new GUI and exciting new functionalities including virtual network configuration (off-line), SwitchBooter APP for mobile device to automatically bootstrap a switch and IP Pool Manager to manage IP addresses over organisation and multiple installations, automatic CLI generation and much more...

GRID is a media SDN-based patented software solution to design and configure a non-blocking IP-network for any converged media flow, with guaranteed  and reliable QoS, scalable and flexible for any use case such as Live ProductionCloud & Remote Production and Converged Media Workflows.

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Furthermore we will be introducing of new L-GRID to increase efficiency of your storage and your core network and to lower the required network investments in the core network.

L-GRID is a software component which works together with selected network cards. It runs on high speed network endpoints (clients/servers) that send data to lower speed endpoints.

L-GRID cancels out the speed mismatch between high speed and lower speed endpoints.

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2018 - December

2018 sees SDNsquare having firmly established itself as a trusted technology partner for companies embracing the shift to IP in production. With a mature product that has proved itself at major global events, the business is ready to grow and prosper with the addition of new developer capacity and a strengthened leadership team. We have 2 extra developpers on board to support our product development.



2018 - November

Business development at SDNsquare receives a boost with the arrival of Henry Alexander, who brings 20 years’ experience in broadcast, media and IT. In addition to providing strategic broadcast consulting, he has been Head of Broadcast Operations and Mobile Productions for the Belgian public service media organization RTBF and Senior Vice President Market and Products at EVS. His strategic and operational expertise in international sales, product development and executive management will help to consolidate SDNsquare’s place as an industry leader in IP network orchestration.

SDNsquare co-founder Lieven Vermaele will work alongside Henry Alexander until the end of 2018, after which he will take up a new position as COO of Belgian public service media organization VRT. He will remain close to the leadership team at SDNsquare, where he will stay on the Board and a key shareholder. Henry Alexander will become CEO of SDNsquare as of January 2019, working closely with CTO and co-founder Luc Andries.

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SVG - Sport Production Summit 2018

2018 - September

“Changing the Concept of Outside Broadcasting - OBjective 2020”, where SVG Europe’s Fergal Ringrose had a conversation with Ronald Meyvisch, CTO at Euro Media Group (EMG), Peter Shut, CTO at Axon, and Lieven Vermaele, co-founder and MD at SDNsquare, about EMG’s OBjective2020 plan.

Said Meyvisch: “We believe in 2026 we’ll see more generic hardware, more scalable kit, and modular and more distributed systems…. EMG is working to create this.”

In 2017 EMG built its first concept set up for the modular architecture. It is using Axon’s Neuron and Cerebrum platforms, and it is working on how to solve the complex network management system with SDNsquare. Additionally, the group is building two 40 seater OB trucks now that connect to external mobile datacentres. Each truck is set to be tech-light, allowing room for a large number of operators inside as the majority of tech is encased in the attached datacentres.

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SDNsquare at IBC 2018 at Arista booth

SDNsquare is partnering with Arista at IBC. SDNsquare will demonstrate its SDN controller GRID in combination with Axon hardware and broadcast controller.


SDNSQUARE at IBC 2017 at AXON booth

At IBC 2017, SDNsquare is partnering with Axon and Arista to demonstrate seamless switching and salvo switching with a scaled-up spine-leaf IP network and more than 80 HD video sources.

If you need a single converged IP network with fast switching and guaranteed QoS, you need GRID from SDNsquare