Why SDNsquare

SDNsquare’s goal is to solve the storage and networking challenges faced by companies, e.g. from the media or medical sector.

SDNsquare was launched with the combined expertise of the VRT (Belgium’s main TV broadcaster), iMinds (research institute for innovation in ICT) and the University of Ghent. So our experts draw on decades of experience in broadcast and media application workflows.

With this background, we successfully tackled the reliability and performance issues of bulk data such as large files and streams in storage systems and IP networks.

Our mission is to be the trusted technology partner and to empower customers and solutions providers with demanding best-in-class and predictable performance, easy management and a transparent return on investment on their IP infrastructure.



SDNsquare guarantees performance, reliability and scalability for network, storage and datacenters.

We enable your mission-critical environment to run smoothly. Even with the increasingly large files, bulk data transfers and rapidly growing traffic that networks have to cope with.

Our media & IT professionals have solved the challenges of media files. With cost-efficient solutions that can scale to all your future needs.

SDNsquare, headquartered in Belgium, has a global reach through its growing network of partners.

Research, Media & IT

SDNsquare is rooted in the media industry. It grew from the research lab of VRT (Belgium’s main TV broadcaster) and the University of Ghent. Our experts have a unique expertise in consultancy for both the industry and broadcasting stations.

Management & Team

SDNsquare’s experts and scientists combine decades of experience in both IP and SAN network technology, storage systems, media applications and integration. As a highly dynamic team, they develop future-proof solutions for bulk data environments.

Who do we help?

If you are active in media production and healthcare, you may have had your share of challenges with handling large data streams and move them through time-sensitive channels. We help you solve these issues, enabling the required performance and reliability for your critical applications. 



What do we solve?

IP networks are not 100% reliable and they are certainly not efficient (>25%). The traditional answer is over-provisioning and over-investing.
Not so with SDNsquare technologies. We run IP networks as well as storage and datacenters in a state of absolute guaranteed performance and bandwidth, using the available bandwidth at full efficiency.