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SDNSQUARE GRID for LAN enterprise networks


Media organizations use their IP-based (or regular-IT) network in all kinds of workflows, going from standard office work to high-bandwidth transport for the post-production of large media files (file-based flows).

In such a converged-media IP network, the various media workflows all run over the same shared-IP network. They may include editing, file transfer, live SDI-over-IP, software-based media processes, best-effort office IT… Because of cost, flexibility, and scalability, these operational and creative networks are mostly built from common of the shelf (COTS) IT technologies and products.

But currently, these IP-based networks are challenged by trends such as working anywhere, anytime and the industry moving to IP-based live TV production.

To gain a better insight, SDNsquare and VRT have collaborated to learn about the challenges and opportunities of these converged media IP networks. 

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Mecano Project - SDN GRID for WAN

Increasingly, professionals in the media industry collaborate from various locations. Animation movies, for instance, are typically developed in a decentralized way – i.e. by designers working in parallel and often located far apart.

For this to work, they need an infrastructure that allows them to share large amounts of video easily, cost-effectively and rapidly, ideally even in real time. They need this to work seamlessly over great distances and with a guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

Wide-area networks (WAN) come closest to answering these needs. But current WAN solutions still suffer from a number of shortcomings, including limitations on distance, QoS and operational efficiency.

The MECaNO project was designed to address these shortcomings. This has resulted in the building blocks for the world’s first WAN that guarantees a 100% QoS.

It uses the network’s full capacity (with zero loss) and guarantees the delivery of IP-media content within deadlines, at any distance.

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SDNSQUARE GRID - GETTING 100% out of your network

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