Unified Media Production

Meet the deadlines

If your business wants to excel with media in today’s 100% digital world, you’ll need high-performance storage and network systems in which every application can seamlessly participate to form an uninterrupted workflow. Storage to safely store and quickly retrieve huge media files; Networks that support multi-stream playback for many applications in parallel without dropping frames.  

Media workflow environments are only as solid as the foundation they’re built upon. This foundation will determine if deadlines are met and deliverables are finished. Central to this is the editor, who needs to have access to any video file from any editing workstation. This requires a networked file system that meets the requirements essentially for proper production.


The need

  • Guaranteed access to media content for every application

  • Rock-solid dependable technology, even in the most busy circumstances

  • Flexibility and linear scalability

  • SAN performance with NAS usability

  • Maximum throughput

  • Guaranteed read/write access


Our solution

guaranteed performance.

WARP has been designed specifically for video workflows and has been proven in some of the world’s most demanding video environments.

It is a linearly scalable, clustered storage and computing platform to sustain real-time workflows. Its high-performance software-based file-management platform allows you to dramatically increase your workflow productivity by running applications directly on the WARP cluster.

The WARP cluster creates a unified pool of highly efficient storage, with a proven 100% storage utilization rate at a guaranteed and predictable performance. As a result, you’ll need less physical storage to hold the same amount of data - reducing capital and operating costs.

Guaranteed content access

With WARP, all applications of the video and audio workflows work on a centralized storage and have a guaranteed access to all contents. The available computing power and architecture enable parallel access to and use of media content.


WARP drastically improves the flexibility in your postproduction flow, by offering one solution as a foundation to tackle all challenges.

High-performance computing power

With WARP, you may run even the most demanding applications, such as e.g. real-time transcoding, directly on the high-performance computing platform.

Grow when you need it

WARP empowers you to cope with the growing demand for recording, formats and content. With WARP, you easily add nodes and storage capacity whenever you need them.

Guaranteed write/read access

WARP always guarantees bandwidth to read and write without affecting the overall storage performance.

WARP high performance storage cluster

Rock-solid reliable, efficient and scalable storage solutions with guaranteed performance.


The WARP high-performance production platform is unique in its measurable and proven features:

  • Stable performance at 99% filling factor
  • Throughput up to 1 TByte/s
  • Increased network efficiency by factor 6 to 8
  • 100 % bandwidth utilization
  • 3x independent linear scalable: capacity, throughput and computing
  • 0 packet loss


Guaranteed Performance

WARP guarantees a sustained performance for all parallel users, applications and storage across the whole platform, independent of the load of the system. This is possible through its specialized and tuned disk arrangement optimized for digital media, with a guaranteed and predictable performance for each disk.

Linear scalability

WARP scales linearly for processing power, storage throughput and storage capacity. His way, WARP can address your specific needs instantly.

Predictability of Performance & Costs

SDNsquare takes away uncertainty. Therefore, you don’t have to overprovision and overinvest in network equipment. We make the cost of your operation predictable and allow you to start new projects with a clear picture of the performance and delivery.


The patented SDNsquare network technology makes the overall system totally predictable. As a result, the storage cluster may fill up each data link to 100%.



WARP’s user-friendly web interface allows:

  • Creating shares and quotas in an easy way.
  • Creating users and groups of users and manage them according to your needs.
  • Creating snapshots and restore them, whenever you need them.