Moving ALL your media workflows to IP?

You need a single converged IP network ?

You NEED fast switching and guaranteed QoS?

You need GRID from SDNsquare.

One critical problem

IP is set to replace the tried and trusted SDI for professional media networks. Thanks to excellent standardization work, the media services handled by the broadcast controller are IP-ready, as is the network hardware – the switches and servers.

The challenge is to orchestrate the network so that it meets the exacting needs of broadcasters dealing with different media worfklows: guaranteed Quality of Service per workflow on a single converged network with a scalable architecture. 

ONE solution that works

GRID uses software-defined networking to deliver IP network orchestration for media that simply works, whatever the use case, whatever the type of workflow.

While networking vendors and traditional broadcast manufacturers can propose limited, single-vendor setups for specific use cases, they fail in more complex, convergent and scaled-up setups. GRID is vendor-agnostic, reliable, flexible and scalable. And it works!

The trouble with elephants


If IP behaved like the familiar world of SDI, all media packets would have a perfect shape and size, leading to predictable behaviour. In reality, however, things are far from predictable when it comes to media and IP, with diverse and dynamic workflows, more software and virtualization. Media workflows run like elephants over your network next to many mouse flows. 

GRID from SDNsquare can cope with all type of data streams in a predictable way. With GRID you can set up IP data paths without packet loss, with low latency and with the exact bandwidth you need, even in bursty, high-impact traffic in many-to-many environments.

As media organizations start to implement complex (converged) IP networks, they're adopting spine-leaf and other more variable architectures. This requires a layer of network orchestration that calls for the proven expertise of SDNsquare with our GRID IP network orchestration.


QoS Guaranteed

GRID offers guaranteed performance and predictable bandwidth per workflow – deterministic IP, set up dynamically.


You can scale GRID from single studios and events to large and interconnected facilities, events and data centres (LAN and WAN).


Maximise cost efficiency with an IP network for all media and business workflows, connecting hardware, software, locally and in the cloud.


Plug and play simplicity, with autodiscovery, registration and connection management according to AMWA and device specifications.


GRID works with different and multiple network vendors – Arista, HP, Cisco – and has an open API that integrates with any broadcast control system.


With GRID there is no need to duplicate your network. Set up fully redundant paths with automatic failover if links go down. 


The complete SDNsquare portfolio


WARP: Software-defined storage CLUSTER network


Our patented technology and software transforms traditional ethernet switches to have the characteristics of InfiniBand or Fibre Channel transfers. We can dynamically allocate guaranteed bandwidth per workflow or process running on the system. This clustered storage network is linearly scalable for processing power and storage throughput and capacity.

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GriD: IP network orchstration for media and more


An IP network orchestrator – or software-defined network controller – that allows you to set up IP data paths without packet loss, and with guaranteed performance, low latency and predictable bandwidth per workflow. GRID overcomes the challenges of bursty high-impact environments, such as with file-based media production. 

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Architecture and MANAGED Services   for MEDIA storage and data centre


Storage and data centres are key for the processes of media companies. SDNsquare delivers managed services and monitoring to ensure your teams have consistently reliable and performant infrastructure. We typically work as second and third line support with our media data center and networking expertise, behind the traditional first line players.

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IBM spectrum scale for media


SDNsquare has significant expertise in IBM's GPFS technology, now known as Spectrum Scale. We have been involved in many projects, notably for media and medical use cases. We improve performance, responsiveness and reliability.

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