GRID: IP network orchestration

The optimal SDN-based software solution to create your IP network for media, with guaranteed QoS.

To meet the requirements of the professional media industry, SDNsquare has developed a software solution for IP network orchestration – or software-defined network controller. GRID encompasses a technology and a methodology to enable guaranteed data flows with effectively-enforced QoS in any IP network: a studio network, a post-production network, a data center network, etc.

GRID’s software transforms the IP network and the data flows to be fully predictable, non-blocking and 100% reliable. As a result, your network will be used much more cost-efficiently.
GRID also provides several wizards to make configuration and management of the network easy and intuitive. The software enables a 100% service guarantee with a specific bandwidth, low latency and no packet-loss per service or flow.

GRID is compatible with the hardware of multiple vendors.

Four reasons to use GRID software to manage your network

  1. Non-blocking: transforms your IP network into a deterministic non-blocking IP network (including buffer management and protection).
  2. Auto-configuration: configures the network automatically according to your requirements.
  3. Northbound API: eliminates the complexity of IP and easily integrates with any broadcast management system.
  4. Easy to operate and monitor: intuitive web-based GUI for configuration and monitoring.

Take control of your media workflows

  • Fully converged: GRID supports all kinds of media workflow, including live IP, editing, file transfer, audio, etc, plus software services, virtualized applications and micro-services.
  • Bandwidth management: set a specific bandwidth, guaranteed end-to-end, for any workflow or group of workflows.
  • Guaranteed paths: provides a guaranteed, deterministic and low latency path in your network.
  • Flow redundancy: provides full redundancy per flow (in one network or in a ‘red and blue’ network).
  • On-demand networking: provides “on the fly” guaranteed bandwidth to a specific client (editor, file transfer, live IP) allowing direct costing of your IP network services.

A network that works for you

  • Multiplatform: GRID works with standard, low cost TOR switches
  • Scalable: there is no limit to the number of hops or switches. Deployable with 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gb TOR switches.
  • Topology-agnostic: supports any network architecture: spine-leaf, leaf-leaf, sub-leaf, multiple hop and random networks.
  • Fully layer 3
  • Network redundancy: high availability/redundancy either within the network or by using a ‘red and blue’ configuration
  • Any media network use case: studio network, post-production network, data center network, storage network, editing network, WAN network, etc.
  • Self-protecting: against any bursty incoming source or wrongly configured device; ability to manage elephant streams.
  • Cost-efficient: maximizes the cost-efficiency of your IP network and thus optimizes infrastructure investment.

Switching and discovery

  • Enables clean switching, fast switching and salvo switching
  • Support for different switching modes: patching, destination-based switching, source-based switching
  • Compatible with multiple discovery services

Fully standards compliant

  • Support of SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2022-7
  • Support of AES67, Dante, Ravenna
  • Compatible with NMOS
  • PTP support

GRID use cases

  • Converged media workflows: media data center for VRT and RTBF for news, sport and drama production
  • Live production: put in practice at global media sport events
  • Cloud and remote production: VRT