GRID - IP network orchestrator

SDN controller for guaranteed IP dataflows

How can you ensure that your critical IP network is always performing, despite the increasingly large files, massive data transfers and rapidly growing traffic that networks have to handle today? 

SDNsquare’s GRID is a disruptive solution for your network. A solution that handles your bulk data in a fundamentally new way, resulting in a 100% quality of service.

With GRID, you set up IP data paths without packet loss, and with exact bandwidth guarantees to overcome the challenges of bursty high-impact environments, such as file-based media production.

The patented GRID network overcomes the standard QoS features of switches. It virtualizes the network to set up reliable end-to-end flows. Al this packaged as an easily manageable ‘engineer in a box’. 

GRID can be applied for storage datacenter networks, LAN networks and WAN networks. 

Why GRID in media IP NETWORKS or datacenters?

4K, 8K, multiplatform, multiformat, and concurrent editing are here to stay. So are higher resolutions, larger files, more software processes and today’s high speed of content creation.

All these ask for rock-solid, reliable, cost-efficient and scalable network solutions with a guaranteed and predictable performance.

If you are working at a media company, chances are that running software and managing large media files takes up more and more of your resources. To avoid running into a red brick wall, you’ll need more than conventional networks. You’ll need software that translates and schedules your workflows into guaranteed IP data flows. 

With traditional solutions, you’ll run into at least four key challenges. GRID has been designed to tackle all of these:

  • You risk variable, unpredictable performance both on the network level and for running client applications. Over time, this will result in operational issues and complex service level agreements.

  • To try and tackle issues, your IT department will overprovision network hardware and bandwidth, leading to an inefficient use of resources: space, electricity, cooling, licenses and investments. Or people will propose to build separate networks for different workflows, which doubles or triples the CAPEX and OPEX.

  • The IT architecture is not linearly scalable, therefore you cannot predict future costs or plan how to cope with future demand.

  • The cost of the shared IP network doesn’t allow you to calculate the cost per service or user, so you can’t set up a more flexible business and service model

Management GUI

The web-based GRID GUI visualizes the virtualized network. Its innovative graphical wizard gives you best-in-class power to design, configure, implement and monitor your GRID network. It allows you to add and delete switches, clients and servers, and define flows for your applications. You can set up circuit-based connections, just as in an SDI network. 



Build up your networks using GRID’s architecture overview by adding your switches and stub-switches. You can easily integrate them into your existing infrastructure by connecting over external stub switches. No need to upgrade everything! 

Set up your flows in the virtual view, connect the applications and set bandwidth and burst accordingly. Monitor all your applications at a glance, and be in charge of how much bandwidth you want to dedicate to each flow to fill up the pipes efficiently. 



GRID creates a cabling diagram and list, to allow you to easily connect your switches. Once everything has been connected, you can check your configuration with the cabling test. It will not take more than 30 seconds of your valuable time. 

Monitor what really counts: the performance of your flows. The intuitive red and green indication allow for easy error detection and quick trouble-shooting. SNMP messaging provides an easy integration into your existing monitoring environment. 


You can monitor the network usage for each flow, allowing you to develop new calculation and business models for your applications and your company.


GRID easily integrates with your legacy network; there is no need to upgrade your whole network in one go. You can insert GRID in your postproduction and upgrade from there, step-by-step and where needed.

Whenever there is a need to upgrade your network, GRID allows for modular expansion. Let GRID take care of your new projects, additional workflows or traffic patterns. 

Grid Key Features

  • Easy end to end network provisioning per flow
  • Achieve 100% utilization of provisioned network
  • Reduce capital and operating costs by deploying the GRID with optimal utilisation of switch resources
  • Guaranteed data paths without packet loss
  • Orchestration of the network fabric to maximize the complete utilization of provisioned bandwidth
  • List available ports, bandwidth and flow resources automatically while you design
  • Fastest network deployment in the world
  • Automatic generation of all switch configurations within seconds - no cli or network commands required, no network consultant required