Spectrum Scale

SDNsquare has over 15 years of experience in configuring GPFS Spectrum Scale to customer specifications, especially in high performance environments, including:

  • High Available sites with advanced disaster recovery scenarios

  • Compute clusters

  • Cloud computing

  • Web farms

  • ...

A spectrum scale infrastructure is a combination of several components: servers, networking, operating systems, protocols, etc … All these components need to be configured in the most optimal way to ensure proper Specturm Scale / GPFS performance.

SDNsquare can deliver integrated knowledge over the entire stack.

SDNsquare can provide a team of extremely skilled engineers, all having several years of hands-on GPFS / Spectrum Scale experience.

SDNsquare’s unique predictable scientific approach will enable you to get the most out of your entire GPFS Spectrum Scale infrastructure.

We are the ideal partner for designing new systems or troubleshooting existing installations as we have the (hardware and software) tools to determine bottlenecks in clusters (going from small to large scale) and to pinpoint opportunities to optimize GPFS Spectrum Scale performance.

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