SBS Belgium

SBS has chosen SDNsquare’s WARP as its new state-of the art production platform. SBS Belgium manages a number of media channels (Vier, Vijftv...) and is now co-owned by Telenet (Liberty Media group)

“At SBS we were looking for a solution that allows editing and handling of our content on a central storage without local caching. Today, WARP is simply the best-suited solution in the market. And it fulfills all our requirements for the foreseeable future. We were especially impressed by WARP’s unique feature of ‘bandwidth control’. This allows us to manage and guarantee bandwidth for each individual user or client of the central storage. The overall system integration, in July 2015, was done by the Belgium system integrator CEGEKA.”

Bart Andries, IT Manager of SBS in Belgium.



Intermedia Design Inc. (IMD) is a content distribution company focusing on television and radio commercials and music videos. It links the post-production houses producing the content with the broadcasters that air the content. This makes them a kind of digital postman for the industry. IMD was created fifteen years ago and employs 80 people. It helps broadcasters, agencies and sales houses put their various media components together, making them ready to go on air.

The WARP Media Data Centre has given our staff and company the confidence that they can handle any volume of any media files, effectively, efficiently and rapidly.” 

John Bolton, technical director at IMD