SDNsquare is the trusted partner of many leading media and broadcast providers. We have delivered several successful media network and storage projects, where the performance speaks for itself.

Our solutions and recommendations, including our GRID IP network controller and WARP storage cluster network are now live at RTBF, VRT, SBS, the Flemish and Francophone archives in Belgium,  France 24, NPO, etc. Below we describe a small selection of these projects and implementations.

In 2018, our GRID IP network controller will be used by a leading provider of broadcast services and facilities in their delivery of a global live event. If you would like more information about this, or any of the implementations listed below, don't hesitate to get in touch

RTBF – public broadcaster of the french community of belgium

5 times more performance and faster workflows

SDNsquare took over the infrastructure role of an original project partner in RTBF's NUMPROD 2.0 project, a new production platform for the whole organization. Using on SDNsquare's WARP technology and media network expertise, the team increased performance of the platform from 30 Gpbs to 150 Gbps – with the same hardware installed.

After the project successfully delivered, SDNsquare is taking of the platform under managed services.



VRT – Flemish Public broadcaster

100% reliability per workflow while increasing performance

Under managed services SDNsquare is taking care of the current media datacenter platform of VRT, based on SDNsquare technology.

VRT has deployed a large scale media data centre using SDNsquare's software-defined storage cluster network WARP. With our GRID technology at its heart, WARP brings linear scalability and dynamic allocation of bandwidth per workflow or process. SDNsquare designs and implements the solution, thereafter providing managed services.  



4 times more performance and faster workflows

VIAA digitises and preserves images and audio from Flanders, tasked with to making the content accessible for everyone. SDNsquare reviewed VIAA's architecture and increased the transcoding performance by a factor of four. In this way VIAA can transfer 4 times more content than before; or handle 4K items at the speed of HD. The total system handles more than 300,000 media items, amounting to 8PB.

Following the design and implementation phase, SDNsquare now manages the platform 24/7/365.



SBS Belgium, which manages television and radio channels (including Vier and Vijftv) and is co-owned by Telenet (Liberty Global group), chose SDNsquare’s WARP as its new state-of the art production platform. Our solution enables editing and handling of content on a central storage system without local caching. WARP's bandwidth control allows SBS to manage and guarantee bandwidth for each individual user or client of the central storage.



VRT's Live-IP proof-of-concept was the world's first 100% converged media network, with editing, file transfer and SDI/IP over the same network. SDNsquare's GRID IP network controller provided a controlled mix of best effort connectivity (for normal IT traffic and non-critibal media IP traffic) and guaranteed flows (mission critical media IP traffic). Click for detailed information and videos.