Unified Content Ingest

High performance ingest

There is a growing pressure on the AV storage infrastructure, which requires ever-larger bandwidths to be able to effectively ingest today’s and tomorrow’s video content. The requirements for real-time video ingest have grown from a single channel of SD to multiple HD channels. And what makes them even more challenging are the higher resolutions, frame rates and bit depths. 

What any modern media company requires of its infrastructure is a guaranteed performance, linear scalability and full efficiency. These are the minimum requirements to effectively run CPU-intensive operations such as real-time video ingest, to cope with all kinds of ingest material and to allow real-time applications to run directly on the platform. Requirements that can be met only with a system such as SDNsquare’s WARP. 


The need

  • High, state-of-the-art performance
  • Protection against vendor lock-in

  • Ability to monetize content

  • Easy integration into existing environments

  • Guaranteed access to content, anytime anywhere

  • Ability to easily manage and update content

  • Easy synchronization of data with dynamic network changes

  • Ability to scale linearly with growing content


Our solution

WARP, our high-performance storage and media datacenter, provides each storage node in the cluster with the ability to stream video up to 25 Gbit/s. 

Full speed

WARP enables you to accelerate intense workflow operations such as ingest, transcoding or scrambling at maximum speed. 

Allow private and shared copies

The high-performance GPFS file system gives WARP the power to provide state- of-the-art ingest, production, processing and delivery workflows. 

COTS equipment without vendor lock-in

WARP runs on common-of-the-shelf hardware. Come and discuss with us; your hardware may already fit WARP! 

Ultimate savings

Invest less in hardware due to our optimal throughput top-of-rack. COTS components will reduce energy and investment costs. A centralized operation will reduce maintaining and operation costs. 

Scale up when you need it

WARP’s bandwidth scales linearly, with direct data paths to all clients and support for multi-client parallel environments. 

Guaranteed write/read access

WARP always guarantees bandwidth to read and write without affecting the overall storage performance. 

WARP high performance storage cluster

Rock-solid reliable, efficient and scalable storage solutions with guaranteed performance. 


The WARP high-performance production platform is unique in its measurable and proven features:

  • Stable performance at 99% filling factor

  • Throughput up to 1 TByte/s

  • Increased network efficiency by a factor 6 to 8

  • 100% bandwidth utilization

  • 3x independent linear scalable: capacity, throughput and computing

  •  0 packet loss


Guaranteed Performance

WARP guarantees a sustained performance for all parallel users, applications and storage across the whole platform, independent of the load of the system. This is possible through its specialized and tuned disk arrangement optimized for digital media, with a guaranteed and predictable performance for each disk. 

Linear scalability

WARP scales linearly for processing power, storage throughput and storage capacity. His way, WARP can address your specific needs instantly. 

Predictability of Performance & Costs

SDNsquare takes away uncertainty. Therefore, you don’t have to overprovision and overinvest in network equipment. We make the cost of your operation predictable and allow you to start new projects with a clear picture of the performance and delivery. 


The patented SDNsquare network technology makes the overall system totally predictable. As a result, the storage cluster may fill up each data link to 100%. 



WARP’s user-friendly web interface allows:

  • Creating shares and quotas in an easy way.

  • Creating users and groups of users and manage them according to your needs.

  • Creating snapshots and restore them, whenever you need them.