SDNsquare Team

Broadcast Ve

Henry Alexander, CEO

Broadcast Leader.

Henry covers more than 20 years’ of experience in broadcast, media and IT. Henry was key in the growth of EVS from a small company to a worldwide leader. He's also held the position of Strategic Broadcast Consultant and Head of Operations and Mobile Production for the Belgian Public Broadcaster, RTBF. His strategic and operational expertise in international sales, product development and executive management will help to consolidate SDNsquare’s place as an industry leader in IP network orchestration.


Luc Andries, co-founder and CTO

Technology Guru.

Luc joined the world of broadcast at VRT in 1998, after 15 years of experience in R&D and computer integrated manufacturing in the connector industry. As network and storage specialist he lead the first digitalization projects at VRT. As infrastructure architect and top expert he managed the IT research arm of VRT medialab. Luc's expertise in storage and network technology helps SDNsquare to develop rock-solid solutions for its digital media customers.



Development, Projects and Services



Development, Projects and Services

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Development, Projects and Services










SDNsquare - Board of Directors

  • Lieven Vermaele, Chairman, Non-Executive Director, co-founder

    • Lieven Vermaele is COO of VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster. Lieven was co-founder of SDNsquare and managing Director from end 2013 till 2018. Before SDNsquare, Lieven was Director of Technology & Innovation for the European Broadcasting Union (Eurovision) for more than six years (2007-2013). From 2000 till end 2006, he spent a similar period at the broadcaster VRT where he was driving the first digitalisation projects from a technical, operational and business perspective and was also responsible for the negotiations with Telecom players and the Government. He also worked for the telecoms company Alcatel Lucent, now Nokia.

  • Luc Andries, Executive Director, co-founder

  • Jan Leuridan, Non-Executive Director

    • Dr. Jan Leuridan is Senior Vice President in charge of simulation and test solutions for Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division. He also serves as CEO for Siemens Industry Software NV. In 1984, Dr. Leuridan joined LMS International as R&D Manager and subsequently CTO. Following the acquisition of LMS by Siemens in 2013, Dr. Leuridan assumed his current role as leader of the Simulation and Test Solutions business segment within Siemens PLM Software, in which the LMS portfolio of products is developed and managed.

  • Dirk Van den Berghen, Non-Executive Director

    • Dirk Van den Berghen serves as the CEO at OTN Systems since January 2016. Before OTN, Mr. Van den Berghen served as COO of LMS International NV since 2009. Mr. Van den Berghen served as Vice President of EMEA Solutions & Marketing of Alcatel-Lucent. His career spans more than 30 years in leading technology companies. He served as the President of Alcatel's Broadband Access Networking Division.

  • Patrick van den Berg, non-Executive Director

Foundation partners

SDNsquare was launched with the combined expertise of the VRT (Belgium’s main TV broadcaster), IBBT/iMinds now IMEC (research institute for innovation in ICT) and the University of Ghent. Further we were able to develop our knowledge and solutions with the support of the Flemish Research Program (VLAIO) and Investment Fund PMV; and were able to demonstrate our solutions at early stage in the VRT sandbox.